Apr 22

An Easy Way to Make a Simple Compost Bin

If you have wanted an actual compost bin but have been intimidated about how to go about it, her is an easy way to make an inexpensive one.

Do you have any large containers laying around? We had an old trash can that had previously been in the garage holding hockey sticks. We moved the hockey sticks and were considering what to do with this trash can. I realized it was a compost bin in disguise!

Take your container, in our case an old trash can, and turn it upside down. Drill some holes in the bottom, making certain to drill a hole in any area which is depressed so that rain water can easily drain through the holes. You don’t want rain water collecting and sitting in your compost bin.

It’s that simple. Set it upright and place it in an out of the way corner of your yard. You are ready to add your kitchen scraps, yard waste, or other organic material.


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  1. Angela

    I am doing this today, thank you!

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