A Vow To Compost

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Tiger worms (7 of 7)

Photo by Timothy Musson

Often when we have friends over, they will ask if we have a compost bin. I sadly shake my head, chagrined. While we have had compost piles in the past, basically just piles where we dump our food scraps at the back of our property, we haven’t ever had a true compost pile. It’s not that we disagree with composting or think it is too much work, it just hasn’t ever been a priority.

A couple of years ago, when on vacation in Chicago, our apartment was equipped with a little kitchen counter compost bin. I loved it. All of our banana peals and egg shells went in. I mentally did a little happy dance when I had some scraps to put in after each meal. I just haven’t done the same at home, mainly due to the mentality that we are moving soon. However, the move hasn’t happened yet, and neither has real composting. So, I’m changing that. Sure, we may end up moving, but so be it. We’ll start again.

We have plans for two composting systems, neither of which will cost much. We have a smaller plastic trash can without a lid that has no other purpose at the moment. It was previously in the garage holding hockey sticks, but no that we are parking the van in the garage, my mudroom is non-existent. I plan to drill holes in the bottom and place it out in the backyard.

Secondly, the kids and I are planning to build a worm bin. We are actually excited about having worms. I’m still looking into what size worm bin we want to have and where we will store it. However, sometime soon, when someone asks if we have a compost bin, the answer will be a resounding, “Yes!”


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