teeny babies…

When I was pregnant with our third child, my due date club on Mothering had a gift exchange. The gift I received included a velour Star Child doll. It was a favorite toy until someone accidentally tossed it into the washing machine and dryer. The wool felted and the doll was ruined. 

I intended to buy the pattern and make a new one but never got around to it. When I went in on an order from Weir Crafts with a few other mothers, I decided to order a little doll pattern. I knew the little star child pattern would be too young for my soon to be eight year old. He is getting older and probably won’t be playing with dolls for too much longer. When I showed him the pattern for these little teeny babies, he liked it. There is something about little things that appeals to children.

Fearing another mishap with the washing machine and dryer, I reworked the pattern. My husband just laughed and shook his head when he realized I made tiny little diapers for them. I had orginally intended these to be Yule gifts. However, since my son rarely plays with his larger Waldorf dolls anymore and his doll playing days are probably limited, I didn’t want to wait. Instead, they just ended up being I Love You gifts.

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