Connect with Readers

Are you a company or blogger looking to connect with readers of Living Peacefully with Children? There are many ways to do so.


If you have a great product you think would appeal to readers, I am happy to do a review. Only honest reviews will be given. If for some reason I feel that I cannot write a review for your product, I will let you know. Social media will be used where applicable to advertise the review. You are welcome to provide links to your website and/or social media for use in the review. Company bios are encouraged but not required.


In conjunction with reviews, Living Peacefully with Children is happy to participate in giveaways for products or other items. All giveaways will be promoted and cross promotion is expected between the company/blog and Living peacefully with Children.

Guest Posts

Consider submitting a guest post. Guest posts should be well written and should not have been posted elsewhere for 90 days. We ask that you not republish posts anywhere for an additional 90 days, and that if you do, you add a link saying that the post was previously published at Living Peacefully with Children. A picture with proper credit should be included in your submission.

Attachment Parents Get Real Feature

Consider being featured as part of the Attachment Parents Get Real series. You are welcome to provide links to your business, blog, or other website. Cross promotion is expected between Living Peacefully with Children and the featured person in order to better promote attachment parenting as an achievable goal for all parents while advertising both sites.


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