A Moment to Breathe

Welcome to the 30 Days of Change Blog Carnival hosted by Living Peacefully With Children and Hybrid Rasta Mama. In celebration of the New Year and forgotten resolutions , we’re sharing the results of our 30 day commitment to addressing one habit the we either needed to eliminate, reframe, or include in our life. We hope you are inspired and energized to make one positive change in your own habits.



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I never stop. I am always working on some project, doing something, or multi-tasking. I also have a difficult time saying “no” when people ask for help or when I see a need in my family or community. My husband once asked me what I thought would happen if I ever stopped doing something. I laughed it off, but it was a serious question: one I couldn’t answer before.

At the end of 2012, I decided that I wanted to change some of my habits in an attempt to make myself, and hence my life, better. They, whoever they are, say it takes a month to make or break a habit. that sounded like a workable goal for me, and so 30 Days of Change was born. Each month I plan to focus on some other aspect in my life that I want to change. I’m making my goals small so that I feel that I can accomplish them and make a sincere effort to improve my life.

January’s challenge was to take a moment to breathe every day. It took a lot of effort for me to slow down and make some time each day. Some times those moments were found with me sitting early in the morning with a cup of tea before my children awoke. Others were found soaking in the bath tub in between questions from my lovely inquisitive kids. Still others were sandwiched in between pages that I was reading. Still others were taken after everyone was snuggled up asleep. I didn’t set an SOP for my moment to breathe. I just looked for a moment in the day to slow down for a bit.

I learned a few things over the past month. I learned that while I am not particularly a morning person, I actually accomplish more when I get up early and start with those moments of just being. I also learned the answer to my husband’s question.

I didn’t grow up in the best of situations. Even as a small child, I believed that my only value was in how I could help or protect others. I spent my childhood trying to make the lives of others easier and to protect the people I loved. That feeling didn’t change when I grew up. I think in some ways, I am still trying to be of value to others, because I haven’t valued myself as a person deserving of anything. Taking a moment to breathe has opened up so many things for me. I’m looking forward to making other healthy changes in my life this year: not only to have better habits but to also grow as a person.


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30 Days of Change Blog Carnival: Call for Submissions

January is approaching and with it, people are proclaiming their New Year’s resolutions. In a couple of weeks, most of those resolutions will have been forgotten, lay waste by creatures of habit. The good thing is that habits can be changed!

Hybrid Rasta Mama and Living Peacefully with Children are teaming up to challenge you to 30 Days of Change. Take one month to address one habit. You can choose to eliminate or change a negative habit or add a positive habit to your life. Write about your personal challenge and share with others who are working on their own challenges.

Here are some tips to  help you get started:

  • Keep it simple. Don’ try to do too much at once. Pick one item that you want to change in your life and work toward that. Later on, after you have built this new habit or eliminated an old one, you can focus on changing something else. for now, just work on one thing. This will increase your chances for success.
  • Keep in mind what and why you want to change. It’s great to change a habit for someone else, and our children are often a great reason to cause change. However, don’t forget about yourself. Whether you decide to do something for your benefit or others, the cross over between our interactions will affect everyone.
  • Recognize times or events which may cause you to slide back into old habits. Strive to eliminate or minimize triggers and actively replace your old habits with new ones. If that means you catch yourself participating in an old habit, stop yourself and do a redo.
  • Get help. You don’t have to do everything alone. Ask your family and friends to help you. Seek out others to help you achieve your goal.
  • Don’t give up. Habits don’t change overnight, which is why we are challenging you to take 30 Days to Change!

After your 30 Days of Change, write about your change by February 8th. Be certain to submit it to us via e-mail (Jennifer{at}hybridrastamama{dot}com and mandy{at}livingpeacefullywithchildren{dot}com) and via the nifty form. All posts should go live on February 15th. You can talk about why you wanted to change something in your life, how you went about it, how the change has been positive in your life and the lives of those around you, or whatever else you want to write about your challenge.

We hope you’ll join us as for the 30 Days of Change Challenge and make a positive difference in your life!