A Manly Hat

After my previous attempt to knit a hat for my husband, I wanted to do something different for his manly hat. His coat is grey and orange, and I happened to have both colors left in my yarn stash. I don’t like knitting two of the same item. It becomes monotonous for me. I wanted something a little different, so I modified the pattern I had previously used to make this that. I’m happy to say it fits him much better.

Simple Cable Knit Hat

My husband had requested a simple guy’s hat. I wanted a little more challenge than that, so I looked for a pattern which would allow me to learn a new skill. The Claudia pattern seemed to fit the bill. I could make a manly hat while trying out some my first cable stitching.

This was actually the first hat I knitted for the holidays this year, and I was excited to try it on my husband. As I stretched it over his slightly bemused self, I remembered that his head is on the larger size. He was a good sport and assured me he would wear it. However, I vowed to make him a different hat and claimed this one as my own, beautifully modeled by my seven year old in the picture.