One Ingredient Wrinkle Minimizer

Wrinkles, while often associated with older age, are not caused by age alone, but by other influences which sometimes seem to go along with the natural course of aging.  There are many products on the market sold as wrinkle minimizers or defenders, usually containing a long list of ingredients, many of which are questionable for using,  and having questionable results.

You may already have a secret, all-natural, wrinkle minimizer in your kitchen: Virgin Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil is great for your skin.

  • Coconut oil helps hydrate the skin. drinking plenty of fluids will help hydrate your skin from the inside out. Putting coconut oil on your skin will help hydrate from the outside in.
  • Healthy oils. We’ve all heard the importance of eating plenty of healthy fats which contain Omega’s. Using coconut oil on your skin also helps add in those healthy fats, keeping the connective tissues soft and supple and defending against sagging and wrinkling.
  • Protection from the sun. Sun damage can aid in an increase of early wrinkles. New studies show that virgin coconut oil aids in sun protection, acting as a natural antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage and prevents premature aging and degenerative diseases. At the same time, your body will still be able to make Vitamin D from the sun while wearing coconut oil. While coconut oil on its own may not be enough sun protection for you on those days spent out in the full sun, using it on a regular basis will provide some protection against other times.

Just keep a small container of coconut oil in the bathroom and lightly massage into your sin at night (massaging also helps strengthen facial muscles). You can even use coconut oil as an all-natural make-up remover. Try it for a couple of weeks and see if you notice a difference.

Make Your Own Lip Balm

Making lip balm has been on our to do list for a while now. Last month I finally ordered some little pots, and today the kids decided it was time. We pulled out the box of essential oils, our various oils and butters, and got to work. We experimented a bit and came up with a lovely moisturizing lip balm that is easy for anyone to make.

Some tips we learned:

  • We mixed each individual lip balm in silicone muffin liners. This allowed the kids to make different flavors and allowed me to easily pour the lip balm into the little pots.
  • Disposable straws make great stir sticks for these.
  • Having your main oils pre-melted in small bowls with measuring spoons helps kids to easily measure out the ingredients on their own.
  • Use a disposable straw as a dropper in a pinch. This worked particularly well for our Vitamin E oil which does not have its own dropper.
The very versatile recipe…
Lip Balm – makes a single .25 ounce lip balm
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa butter
  • 1 teaspoon almond oil
  • 3-4 small pinches of beeswax beads (substitute a couple of chocolate chips for a pinch or two of beeswax beads if you are making chocolate)
  • 3-4 drops pure Vitamin E Oil (don’t skip out on this. Not only is it good for your skin, it acts as a preservative)
  • 1-2 drops of essential oil

Melt your coconut oil and cocoa butter and place in muffin liner. Add the almond oil and beeswax beads (you may need to melt these a bit longer in the microwave). Next add the Vitamin E oil and your essential oil of choice. Mix well and carefully pour into a .25 lip balm pot. Let cool. Sticking these in the refrigerator speeds up the process.

*If you plan to make a chocolate version (might I suggest chocolate mint or chocolate orange?), substitute the beeswax beads with chocolate chips.