parenting beyond belief…

Many consensually living families extend the freedom to make decisions to religious beliefs. Those families living with alternative religious or spiritual beliefs, or those who choose to let their children make decisions regarding their own beliefs, often find themselves at odds with the society around them, especially in more conservative areas.

I had heard many good reviews about Dale McGowan’s Parenting Beyond Relief. I had hoped to find suggestions and examples of how to develop family celebrations, a community network, or exposing your children to many viewpoints in order to let them develop their own identities and beliefs. Instead, I found a book which seemed entirely devoted to convincing the reader as to why they should raise their children without organized religion. Since most readers would be assumed to have already made that decision, the book seems to be off the mark.

I was disappointed by the content, even more so by attacks on religion. While I may agree with many of his points, I was expecting a book centered more on tolerance and acceptance, as many of us raising our children this way would love acceptance by those who are intolerant of other religious views. I’ll keep my eyes out for a good book on the subject.