Easy Ribbed Wrist Warmer Giveaway!

I’ve often looked for nice, easy projects that would make nice gifts. Needing a project that would meet these requirements, I made this easy pattern. This is my first pattern which I actually wrote down while knitting and I am happy to say it is now on Ravelry! In celebration, I am giving one reader a pair of Easy Ribbed Wrist Warmers. The wrist warmers are a super soft acrylic and the ribbed pattern fits a wide variety of adult hand sizes. A medium toned grey, they will go with everything.

Entering is easy. Just follow the simple Rafflecopter instructions. The contest will end on November 25, 2012 and is open to US and Canadian residents.

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Easy Ribbed Wrist Warmers

These wrist warmers are super easy and knit up quickly – perfect for making for yourself of gifting to others!

Easy Ribbed Wrist Warmers

  • 4.5 mm circular needles (US size 7)
  • worsted weight yarn
  • stitch markers
  • stitch holders or scrap of yarn
  • darning needle for weaving in ends

Make 2 (I highly recommend knitting two at a time)

Cast on 40 stitches

Join in round, marking the beginning of your round and making certain not to twist stitches.

Rows 1-42 *K2P2* 10 times
Row 43           *K2P2* 3 times, *KFB* 2 times P2, *K2P2* 6 times (42 stitches)
Row 44          *K2P2* 3 times, K4P2, *K2P2* 6 times
Row 45           *K2P2* 3 times, KFB K2 KFB P2, *K2P2* 6 times (44 stitches)
Row 46           *K2P2* 3 times, K6P2, *K2P2* 6 times
Row 47           *K2P2* 3 times, KFB K4 KFB P2, *K2P2* 6 times (46 stitches)
Row 48           *K2P2* 3 times, K8P2, *K2P2* 6 times
Row 49           *K2P2* 3 times, KFB K6 KFB P2, *K2P2* 6 times (48 stitches)
Row 50           *K2P2* 3 times, K10P2, *K2P2* 6 times
Row 51           *K2P2* 3 times, KFB K8 KFB P2, *K2P2* 6 times (50 stitches)
Row 52           *K2P2* 3 times, K12P2, *K2P2* 6 times
Row 53           *K2P2* 3 times, K1, place 11 stitches on stitch holder or scrap yarn, cast on 1 stitch via backwards loop, P2,  *K2P2* 6 times (40 stitches)

Row 54-75    *K2P2* 10 times

Bind off in pattern.

Slide 11 stitches from stitch holder or scrap yarn onto needles.
Pick up an additional 3 stitches from around the top of the thumb opening.

Knit 8 stockinette rows in the round and bind off.

Weave all ends in.


Click here for a printable version.