This is the way we clean the house

Photo by Traci Todd

I’ve been slacking around the house. A lack of energy and health can do that to you. It isn’t as though the house is trashed. It’s in better shape in its current state than some other houses I know. However, it bugs me. Even Motivated Moms wasn’t helping me. Looking at the list felt overwhelming in my current state. So, I decided to take a cue from mothers past and go with days of the week.

Some things remain the same. Clothes and dishes are washed daily so that I’m not being buried under a mountain of dirty laundry and dishes. We pick up every day so that life isn’t cluttered. However, the deeper cleaning – the dusting, mopping, chnaging sheets, changing light bulbs, etc. will be done by room.

  • Monday – bedroom and play room
  • Tuesday – bathrooms
  • Wednesday – living room
  • Thursday – kitchen
  • Friday – family room
  • Saturday – bills and budget
  • Sunday – office

For those things that don’t require weekly attention:

  • Week 1 – maintenance of furnace and fish/crab tanks
  • Week 2 – declutter and organize
  • Week 3 – utility room
  • Week 4 – garage and vehicles

I figure that every day there will be at least one clean room for me to sit in, and things won’t pile up (oh dust above yonder ceiling fan blades). We’ll see how it goes.

simplifying socks…

Socks tend to multiply, get eaten by dryers, run off on their own leaving poor mateless singletons behind, and be a source of dissention for many households across the world. Certainly they serve their purpose. They keep our feet warm and help keep our shoes from stinking. But managing them and their wild ways has often been the topic of discussion by the laundry folding persons of various households.

I simplified our socks before our second child was born. Excepting a couple of pairs of dress socks/tights per person in our household, every person has a unique sock style and all of their socks are identical. This makes sorting extremely easy. My children have all been sorting socks since before they were a year old. At that age, sorting socks is fun and leaves me free to fold other items. I never have to worry about finding some obscure sock to match, and if we run out of time? Well, I can always just dump a pile of matching socks in a person’s drawer.