Getting the House Organized with Motivated Moms

Photo by Wayne Wilkinson

With a new year looming, many people are looking to organize their homes. My children came to me with a request for 2012. They wanted to order Motivated Moms. We haven’t used Motivated Moms in a couple of years, but they liked the system so well that they wanted to reimplement it.

Motivated Moms has daily, weekly, monthly, and periodic chores, all on printable pages that you can place wherever is convenient. We have our sheet up on the fridge where everyone can access it. The idea is to keep up with a little bit of cleaning every day so that nothing piles up. Clutter spots are attacked in small increments so that it isn’t overwhelming.

I will say we have only ever used the secular weekly planner, so I can’t honestly attest to any of the other versions. The one we have is easily tweaked to fit our family, and the kids like crossing off things as they get them done, just as I do (nature or nurture?). No one forgets to help out, and those days when it feels like nothing is going right and I’m not getting anything done? I can look and see that I am getting things done, just perhaps not what my plans were.

The download is only $8, which is not bad for having almost everything our family needs already made into lists. Earlier this week I was able to use the code HAPPY for $1/off.

motivated moms…

After the birth of each child, it feels like the house starts to get out of control. When my oldest was born, the difference was startling. The day before he was born, our apartment was completely organized and clean. Within 24 hours of his birth, everything had exploded. There were burp clothes, diapers, baby clothes, and pillows for nursing everywhere. Dishes were backed up in the sink. The laundry was already piling up. It took a few months before the apartment came out of the disaster zone, but somehow I managed to make it back to organized living. Life continued peacefully again, including a cross country move into a house, until the birth of our second child, when once again our household spiralled into chaos.

I like having a neatly organized, uncluttered, clean home. It makes me feel good. I’m less stressed. Life is more peaceful and calm. When the house is otherwise, my stress levels rise and I don’t feel very peaceful. I needed a nudge to get me back in my groove. After hearing about Flylady, I quickly discounted it. I don’t wear shoes in my house. I have no desire to have a million (slight exaggeration) e-mails a day telling me what to go clean. Oh, yes, I also had small children.

At some point I found Motivated Moms and really liked the concept. I could print it out and post it on the refridgerator. As I had a few minutes, I could easily see what needed to be done and pick something to do according to how much time I had available. It is thorough. Everything gets done at some point. It’s guilt free. If you don’t find time to do something, it will inevitably come up again. I liked it so much I began recommending it to people and had more people trying it out.

After a while, I had my own system going and no longer needed Motivated Moms. Or so I thought. After our third child, I needed a boost back to organized life, and I reordered Motivated Moms. Eventually I got my groove back on once again and didn’t reorder. Our fourth child is 3 months old now, and I was feeling the chaos. I went and ordered Motivated Moms.

The name is a little off-putting. Motivated Moms? It could be taken to mean that mothers are supposed to be the ones cleaning. I’ve even heard from someone who didn’t want to try it because of the name. However, the truth is that in our house, I’m the CEO. It’s my job to make certain our family runs smoothly. I’m the organized one. I hold the all magical planner which has everything for our family in it.

I’ve always ordered the secular version and have been pleased. I tweak the system a bit to fit our needs. I also tend to work ahead in the week as I have time, leaving less to do later in the week. I’m happy that my house is getting back in order again. A less stressed mother is a happier mother. At $8 a year (or $4 if you order half-way through like I just did), it’s worth it to me.