2012: A New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! As I contemplated this day, I thought hard about to mark it for our family. Typical resolutions always seem to fall by the wayside. After reading about various bucket lists, I thought it might be a good idea to make a 2012 bucket list. It took some explaining over lunch one day, so everyone undertsood I was not asking my quarterly question of what the kids wanted to do so that we could make certain to fit activities into our budget and schedule.

Once everyone was on the same page, we were stumped. This wasn’t from a lack of desire to try new things but from a place of uncertainty. We plan to move this year, finding a new job for my husband and relocating to a bigger house in a different part of the country. We seemed to be stuck on that point, as everything we wanted to do hinged around that very important aspect.

So….we are in preparation: working on resumes, decluttering and streamlining, and researching areas of the country, homesteading, and healthy living in general. We plan to enjoy the time we have left here and prepare for our move. It’s rather exciting in and of itself.