Bunny Poo!

Looking for healthier alternatives to traditional spring candy? Sometimes buying bulk at the heath food store means less junk in the candy while being easier on your budget. These cute little bags of bunny poo can be made with chocolate or dark chocolate covered dried fruit or nuts. Buy in bulk and divide into smaller... Continue Reading →

Spring Baskets

When I originally bought these baskets, I thought they were cute and sweet, and oh-so Pottery Barnish at a fraction of the price. Then I spent years trying to store them, wishing I had merely made fabric baskets like our Halloween trick or-treat bags which could be easily folded and packed away. This year I... Continue Reading →

Spring is Here

Tuesday met with the official arrival of spring, a time of new birth, new beginnings, and new possibilities... Spring has its own smell, one I await all winter long. It is invigorating, promising, and purifying. Normally, we celebrate Ostara with the arrival of spring. However, since it fell in the middle of the week this... Continue Reading →

happy ostara…

Happy Ostara (also known as the Spring equinox)! I had all of the items for my children's Ostara baskets finished long ago, including some handmade playfood and a handmade tea set which will be showing up here in the next couple of weeks. Earlier this week, I came across these wonderful sewn eggs that Kim... Continue Reading →

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