The Snowman’s Revenge

The Snowman's Revenge by Mark Smythe: Book Cover

Snow days are always more fun with a freshly built snowman. However, when the children in The Snowman’s Revenge head in to warm up and enjoy some hot cocoa, the snowman is left all alone outside in the cold. Hurt and lonely, he quickly comes up with a plan for revenge.

Mark Smuthe’s prose is entertaining, if a little choppy, enhanced by Mike Motz’s full color illustrations. Personally, I found the idea of the book to be creepy. My children, on the other hand, thought it was a fun read. It’s definitely a change from the happy singing snowmen, and for that alone, it’s a nice change (although still a creepy one).

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

Design Your Own Snowman Pancakes

My children have been patiently waiting for snow in order to make a snowman, sled, build an igloo, and build an arsenal of snowballs with which to surprise their father. It hasn’t been forthcoming. So, one weekend as I set about making pancakes for everyone, I decided to surprise them with snowman pancakes. My husband set about scrounging for items to decorate the snowmen, and the kids were able to sit down for a wonder-filled breakfast. They still have to wait on their snow.

Handprint Snowman Ornaments

Each year our family buys a special ornament for our Solstice Tree. My husband and I pick out one each year, along with each child picking one out. Right now our tree is gaining these ornaments at a rather fast rate, but the day will come when our children are grown and take their ornaments with them. When that happens, our tree is going to be looking rather bare. So each year, we also make ornaments.

My absolute favorite ornaments this year are the handprint snowmen ornaments we made. We made two for each child: one for us to keep and one that will go with our children. They grow up so fast, and I am so happy that I will have these to look back on. I even got a little crazy, and we made a set for my husband’s parents.

These are exceptionally easy to make. If you aren’t a crafty sort, you can find a a step by step tutorial at Little Bit Funky.

Boxy, the Snowman

Despite a brief respite in the weather, it has been bitterly cold outside. Had the weather been accompanied with snow, it would at least be fun to play in until everyone runs back inside to warm up. One light dusting of snow wasn’t enough to do anything my children had planned – snow ice cream, snow forts, or snowmen.

They didn’t let this get them down, though. Instead, they were inspired by a picture of a snowman someone had made from boxes and decided to make their own version. According to my three year old, the pink snowflakes are snowflakes of love.

We’ll be looking for Stranger in the Woods the next time we go to the library and enjoy it snuggled up warm, inside. I’m certain my children will be hoping for snow.