Spring is Here

Spring Flowers

Photo by Tejvan Pettinger

Tuesday met with the official arrival of spring, a time of new birth, new beginnings, and new possibilities…

Spring has its own smell, one I await all winter long. It is invigorating, promising, and purifying.

Normally, we celebrate Ostara with the arrival of spring. However, since it fell in the middle of the week this year, we opted to wait until this weekend so that my husband could join in the festivities.

We are gearing up for a new beginning of our own. It’s difficult not to be able to plan things definitively, but that offers its own form of growth. Without growth, we lie stagnant. So, this year, I throw my arms wide open, inhale deeply of the promise of spring, and embrace what spring brings with it.


This piece is entitled beginnings. I painted it the weekend before our last child was born. I was feeling a bit stressed and frustrated and needed a break from exhausted, cranky little people. I headed out to the garage with roughly cut pieces of fabric. The paint is tempera paint, borrowed from my children’s art supplies. After the pieces had dried, I used my quilting ruler and rotary cutter to make them a uniform size before sewing the pieces together.

The piece is wrought with meaning on many levels and in many different areas. I would go through all of it, but I personally think that art should be interpreted individually. It doesn’t matter to someone else what the piece means to me; it matters what the piece means to that person.

I will say that painting the piece was surprisingly therapeutic. I have hopes to paint more in the future.