This piece is entitled beginnings. I painted it the weekend before our last child was born. I was feeling a bit stressed and frustrated and needed a break from exhausted, cranky little people. I headed out to the garage with roughly cut pieces of fabric. The paint is tempera paint, borrowed from my children’s art supplies. After the pieces had dried, I used my quilting ruler and rotary cutter to make them a uniform size before sewing the pieces together.

The piece is wrought with meaning on many levels and in many different areas. I would go through all of it, but I personally think that art should be interpreted individually. It doesn’t matter to someone else what the piece means to me; it matters what the piece means to that person.

I will say that painting the piece was surprisingly therapeutic. I have hopes to paint more in the future. 

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    1. It is a thicker fabric. It is actually the remaining fabric from the ticker tape quilt. It’s just hanging on the wall with the help of a few straight pins. My original plan was to quilt it. After I had sewn it together, I was opposed to doing anything else. The fact that it isn’t finished lends more to the theme of beginnings.

  1. Mmmmmm… it just feels good to look at that!

    I have my fine arts degree in painting (wow, geez, really? how long ago was that? yikes, I think that was another life.), but haven’t picked up a brush in years. Was just thinking about it last night, while looking at one of my paintings hanging in our bathroom. With little ones, I’d packed up all my oils out of safety, and have painted a bit with them, but temperas are a little…well…
    not oils.
    I think I’ll go open up the closet & set up a little space for myself again.

    Here’s to more painting in the future. Expression through art is so important. Thank you for the inspiration!

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