Golden Snitch Giveaway, 2 winners!

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My family, like so many other families, has been entranced by the Harry Potter series. From magic wands to golden snitches, our home is filled with the magical wonder of Harry Potter and imagination. To share that with you, I am offering hand knitted golden snitches. Each snitch is handmade by me, made of durable acrylic yarn, and naturally weighted. Two winners will be chosen (sorry, US and Canada only). All you have to do is follow the easy rafflecopter to enter before November 25, 2012. Winners will be e-mailed within 48 hours. If you would like to make your own knitted snitches, check out the great pattern at Knitted Toy Box.

This is an honest give away. Please be honest in your rafflecopter answers.

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Invisibility Cloaks

A great addition to any Harry Potter fan’s dress up trunk is an invisibility cloak. One of the deathly hallows, the invisibility cloak, by definition, renders the wearer invisible – a handy thing to have when battling evil forces, sneaking around Hogwarts, or playing make believe.

Traditionally, my children have grabbed whatever was handy to use as an invisibility cloak – blankets or play silks have been the most popular items. However, they have a distinct disadvantage in that they are opague, leaving the wearer essentially blind and bumping into things. When stealth is your objective, muttering “Ouch!” is contradictive.

I had a couple of 5 yd. pieces of sheer fabric in our declutter pile aournd the time that I was thinking of easy gifts my 4 year old might like to make for his siblings. When I asked him if he would lik eto make invisibility cloaks, he eyes lit up and giggles erupted. All he had to do was cut each piece in half, and we were suddenly the proud owners of four insivibility cloaks.

The kids were all thrilled to receive them. It is understood that if someone is wearing one, no one else can see that person. It gets rather comical when someone wearing an invisbility cloak begins speaking and none of the other people can see him or her. The cloaks have received quite a bit of use to date and are proving to be a popular dress up item for the older (by which I mean ages 8+) kids who come over.

Stick Firebolt

When my older son saw the stick horse and stick unicorn I made for his brother and sister, he felt like he wanted one to. However, he has never really been into horses and as he was nearing eight at the time, I knew he would really prefer a different birthday gift and that his desire for a stick horse was more of a feeling of being included. I wanted to honor his desire while coming up with something that he would enjoy more.

When I suggested a broomstick, his face lit up and he gave me a cry of exclamation. We spoke about what it would look like, and I showed him the leftover wide wale orange corduroy I had. Halfway through sewing the broom, he came to me and asked if I could make it look more like a firebolt from the Harry Potter books. I ended up adding some brown ribbon to give the impression of the metal work on Harry’s Firebolt. I also woodburned the word Firebolt onto the handle along with a tiny snitch. He couldn’t have been more thrilled. The broomstick has seen quite a bit of action since his birthday last November. All of the kids love it.

I Spy Items – Harry Potter

The Harry Potter set of I spy items was actually my first set to make out of clay. The actual items varied a bit from my original list, which was altared as my family stood around, calling out items they wanted to see.

This set includes:

  • cauldron with oozing an oozing green potion
  • magic wand
  • snitch
  • Tom Riddle’s diary
  • rememberall
  • radish (much to my husband’s disdain)
  • broom
  • quill
  • spider
  • frog
  • pumpkin
  • dragon egg
  • time turner
  • Crookshanks
  • snake
  • Scabbers
  • sorting hat
  • Errol the Owl
  • gold galleon
  • Dobby’s/Harry’s sock


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Learn how to make some of the Gnome Homes for Rent that Auna at My Sweet Potatoes made for your own backyard and maybe you will soon have a village of Gnomes. Then read as she shares how to make Fairy Butter , a great snack for all the fairies/gnomes in your life.

No set would be complete at Living Peacefully with Children without a Harry Potter themed I-Spy set.

Broom Harry Potter Ornament

A set of Harry Potter ornaments would not be complete without a broom. They play a paramount role throughout the books, beginning with the time Harry receives his first Nimbus 2000. I frequently have little people playing quidditch or traveling by broom in my home.

Dobby’s Sock Harry Potter Ornament

This month we are reading and watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the Harry potter book and movie challenges. I decided to make Dobby’s sock as this month’s Harry Potter ornament.

It’s often been said that you can tell a lot about a person, not by how they treat those society deems as his/her equals, but by the person’s treatment of those society views as inferior.

Even small acts can make a very large difference in another person’s life.

Flying Key Harry Potter Ornament

Every year we buy special ornaments for our Yule tree – one for us and one for each of our children. The intent is that when the kids are grown, they will have some holiday decorations to take with them. A few years ago, I realized that in a short span of time some years down the road, our tree would go from having a lot of these special ornaments to very few, as our children head out on their own. That was the year I began making ornaments.

This year (well, 2010), after participating in our local attachment parenting ornament swap, I thought it would be fun to do themed ornaments. Our family always has fun with Harry Potter themed ideas, so I thought I would begin there. It is my intent to make at least 12 Harry Potter themed ornaments throughout the year. When we signed up for the Harry Potter book and movie challenges, I decided to combine my ornament challenge with them.

So, January’s official ornament is a flying key. I found a free knitting pattern and decided to make it – modified, of course. I think a real skeleton key with added wings would be fabulous, if only I had a real skeleton key. Looking online, they have gotten to be quite expensive in their novelty instead of the numerous keys homes used to have lying about.

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