Stick Firebolt

When my older son saw the stick horse and stick unicorn I made for his brother and sister, he felt like he wanted one to. However, he has never really been into horses and as he was nearing eight at the time, I knew he would really prefer a different birthday gift and that his desire for a stick horse was more of a feeling of being included. I wanted to honor his desire while coming up with something that he would enjoy more.

When I suggested a broomstick, his face lit up and he gave me a cry of exclamation. We spoke about what it would look like, and I showed him the leftover wide wale orange corduroy I had. Halfway through sewing the broom, he came to me and asked if I could make it look more like a firebolt from the Harry Potter books. I ended up adding some brown ribbon to give the impression of the metal work on Harry’s Firebolt. I also woodburned the word Firebolt onto the handle along with a tiny snitch. He couldn’t have been more thrilled. The broomstick has seen quite a bit of action since his birthday last November. All of the kids love it.

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