bloom’s taxonomy…

According to Bloom's Taxonomy, the most basic level of cognition is knowledge. At this level, a person can define, duplicate, label, list, and memorize a concept. At the comprehension level, a person can use that memorized information in order to explain it to another person. Concepts can be illustrated at the application level. Individuals can... Continue Reading →

the death of why?

In an attempt to control children, American society has killed their natural curiosity. Children and adults no longer ask about the nature of things and merely accept what they are told. With the No Child Left Behind initiative, our society is schooling our children to memorize facts rather than how to learn. In her book,The... Continue Reading →

dumbing us down…

John Taylor Gatto, an award winning veteran school teacher, has exposed the problems of our school system, and society in general, in several of his books, including Dumbing Us Down. This small collection of speeches and essays speaks to the heart of anyone who has ever questioned our current school system. He elonquently describes the... Continue Reading →

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