dumbing us down…

John Taylor Gatto, an award winning veteran school teacher, has exposed the problems of our school system, and society in general, in several of his books, including Dumbing Us Down. This small collection of speeches and essays speaks to the heart of anyone who has ever questioned our current school system. He elonquently describes the problems with compulsory instutionalized schooling which results in exactly what it is meant to – people who dare not question authority or think for themselves and are merely compliant cogs in the current economic caste system.

Due to the collective nature of this book, there is repetition among the speeches and essays. While the book is a bit outdated, it is still applicable today, especially in the age of “no child left behind.” The reader is left with a rather depressed feeling of hopelessness with regard to our country’s educational system. If you are on the fence with whether or not to homeschool/unschool your child, you won’t be after reading this book. I’d recommend checking it out from your public library.

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