Simple Steps: Ditch Disposable Straws

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That plastic straw in your take out cup seems inconsequential. However, each straw adds up. Over the course of a single year, consumers use enough plastic straws to fill more than 46,000 full-sized school buses. That is a lot of straws ending up in landfills. You can take one simple step to making an impact regarding this matter: ditch the disposable straws.

Ditching the disposable straws doesn’t mean you have to get rid of straws. Reusable straws are not only environmentally friendly but are becoming popular. There are two healthy options when it comes to reusable straws: glass and stainless steel.


Glass straws are undoubtedly my favorite. I like the fact that I can see through the glass to make certain everything is clean and I haven’t left any food or something growing inside. The straws are made of borosilicate glass. This is the strongest glass on the market (think Pyrex) and is often used in laboratory settings. They have a nice feel when drinking through them, and there are a lot of options. We have ordered from both Strawesome and Glass Dharma. Both are great companies with fantastic products, and they both have lifetime guarantees. If a straw breaks, the company will replace it. We have been using glass straws for many years now, with kids of all ages and haven’t experienced causalities yet. You can even buy glass straws in colors or with glass decorations on them.

Stainless steel straws are a more economical option for reusable straws. You can generally buy entire packs, complete with cleaning brush, for $6-10. These are great for straws on the go. They won’t break. Your toddler can drop or drum with them without fear of broken glass. Because they are stainless steel, they won’t rust or have any funky flavors. Our family has personally tried the following:(affiliate links) Leadtry Stainless Steel straws and LIHAO stainless steel straws. Both are quality products, as I m sure many others on the market are. We personally prefer the regular size straws, such as the Leadtry ones, as opposed to the longer versions. The longer straws are just too long for a normal glass and are massive for kids size glasses. I like to have stainless steel straws on hand for young visitors who may want a straw for their drink but may not be used to glass straws.

Regardless of what type of straws you buy, all sets should come with cleaning brushes. These allow you to properly clean the inside of the brush. Don’t worry. It  takes mere seconds. Then you can get back to drinking your favorite tea, smoothie, or other drink.



Looking for more simple steps to living a cleaner, greener lifestyle? Check out Homemade Cleaners.


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