Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival

APBC - Authentic ParentingLiving Peacefully with Children is happy to join with Authentic Parenting for the Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival!  Every month, the Authentic Parenting Carnival will have a themed topic. The carnival will go live on the last Friday of every month, and submissions will be due one week prior to that.
Below you find the carnival themes per month and a little explanation, maybe some inspiration. Be creative, don’t confine yourself to the suggestions, but write what arises when you consider the topic.

How do you enter?
To enter, write a new post on the chosen topic and email your full text to mamapoekie {at} yahoo {dot} com and mandy {at} livingpeacefullywithchildren {dot} com no later than 11PM GMT on the day of the deadline.
In this email, include:

  • full text
  • title
  • blurb about your post (e.g. Laura from Authentic Parenting writes about making tough health choices for her family)
  • URL for the post if you have it. If you don’t know how to figure out your URL in advance, send your main URL

You will then receive an email with a bit of code for the top and bottom of your post. On carnival day, the code will be adjusted to include all the links to the participants posts.

Authentic Parenting reserves the right to accept, decline or edit submissions. Editing will only be based on spelling and grammar, never on content. I will not accept posts that are written for the sole purpose of marketing or advertising or posts that are not in line with the principles of authentic parenting. (eg posts that promote spanking or CIO)

We welcome be new material (not previously published) and kindly ask you to post before 8AM GMT.

Why participate?
Carnivals are a fun way to generate traffic to your blog and create community. You’ll be linked to from many sites and get to discover blogs you didn’t know before. For each edition of the carnival, we will create new commenting groups, so you’ll be able to visit and receive visits from lots of different people.
Carnivals also give you a chance to think about a predetermined topic, which can smooth off an occasional writer’s block.

Stay up to date
Bookmark this page to know the dates and themes of upcoming carnivals. To receive the announcements for the upcoming carnival, subscribe to Authentic Parenting’s feed, or follow @mamapoekie on Twitter and Living Peacefully with Children’s feed

Grab the button
Add this lovely button to your page’s sidebar:

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Monthly Carnival themes and dates:

NovemberGratitude and Traditions
Gratitude can be the window to inner happiness. In the month of November we invite you to share what you are grateful for or how you are helping your children discover gratitude and giving thanks. With all the holidays in December we invite you to share about any family traditions you have in your family, how and why they started or about a new tradition you started this year.

Submission date: November 23rd.
Carnival date: November 30th.

December: Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival takes a break

With all the Neaw Year’s resolutions going on, it’s important to be reminded to remain true to yourself. How do you foster authenticity in your home? Now is the time to spill all about remaining true to your character, having authentic emotions and establishing authentic communication.
Submission date: January 18th
Carnival date: January 27th

Little white lies don’t hurt, or lying to spare someone’s feelings are expressions we hear all to often.  How does your family handle lies? Do you do make belief? And how far can you let this come. What about when your child lies? How is that handled in your family?
Complete honesty can be difficult to maintain in a family and is it even necessary? your input at this month’s carnival!
Submission date: February 15th
Carnival date: February 22nd

MarchSelf Expression and Conformity
Kids like to test the margins of where they can go, wether with their behavior or their looks, but where do you draws the line. Is there behavior you don’t tolerate or image alteration you would prohibit? How far do we go to conform and do we take our children along with us? Is the image we portray important, or can we just skip the boundaries all together. We would love to hear your input.

Submission date: March 22nd
Carnival date: March 29th

AprilPeaceful Parenting Applied
This month, we would like to focus on practical solutions for maintaining the peace. Many parents struggle with implementing positive parenting theories in real life, so we want to hear from you about tactics, tips & tricks and solutions. Gentle parenting is not just a theory, and we want to prove that to our readers.

Submission date: April 20th
Carnival date: April 27th


MaySelf Love
We’ve heard it before, self love is the key to establish unconditional love with your children, to parent from a balanced place, and heal the hurts of yesterday.

Submission date: May 24th
Carnival date: May 31st

This month, we want to know the nitty gritty about baby wearing: carrier styles, the best carriers, how-to’s, positioning, baby wearing in extreme situations… Let’s make this a reference list of everything you want to know about baby wearing and then a little more.

Submission date: June 21st
Carnival date: June 28th
We are all entitled to our emotions, but when it comes to anger and parenting, that’s where it gets tricky. How do you feel your emotions when they’re so violent and still remain a centered and connected parent? How do you create a safe and loving environment for your child to express this emotion.
Submission date: July 20th
Carnival date: July 27th


As August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month, every year at this time, we use the carnival to spread awareness and knowledge about breastfeeding. So share your stories, your hardship, your happiness. Tell us all about the benefits of breastfeeding, help us spread the knowledge.
Submission date: August 23rd
Carnival date: August 30th


SeptemberParenting in light of your own childhood
Some of us were parented lovingly, others not so much. With this carnival, we explore how our childhood affects our parenting.
Since this is a sensitive topic, and in order to create an atmosphere of freedom, we will allow for post swaps for those who wish to remain anonymous. Therefor, we have pulled back the date for submissions a couple of days.
Submission date: September 20th
Carnival date: September 27th


OctoberTraditions and Legacy
As we’re slowly heading up to the holiday season, we’re thinking about what traditions – old or new – we pass on and what we want to leave behind. What do we want our children to remember? What do we want them to carry out into the world?
Submission date: October 18th
Carnival date: October 25th
November: Toxic relationships
Have you ever been in a relationship that was so bad it affected your whole life? As parents, we should be even more careful picking the people surrounding us, because the way we engage in a relationship guides our children in the way they see the world. Gives us your fifty cent on handling those who do not wish us well – or are so self-absorbed not to care.
Since this is a sensitive topic, and in order to create an atmosphere of freedom, we will allow for post swaps for those who wish to remain anonymous.
Submission date: November 22nd
Carnival date: November 29th


In December, the carnival takes a break for the holidays, but we’ll be back where we left off in January.

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