Goldie Blox: Enabling Stereotypes in the Name of Marketing

A new company, Goldie Blox, is taking the internet by storm with its new ad campaign marketing their STEM products to girls. With a disproportionately low number of women in STEM fields (making up only 11%), the campaign, with its girl power attitude and video set to Beastie Boys music seems applaudable....on the surface. I... Continue Reading →

Georgia Bottoms

Georgia Bottoms is your typical Southern Belle - poised and confidant, a regular church goer, and great at organizing. In fact, she has all of her secret lives methodically hidden away from the others. 9/11 changes that and her carefully juggled details begin to collide with one another. Mark Childress has reached a new level with... Continue Reading →

Tearing Others Down

A woman struggled with finding balance for her family, not easily fitting her desires with her reality. Posting to a group of other mothers looking for support about how to make the reality of her situation work for her, she was given many insightful responses. Inevitably though, the finger pointing began from someone. It wasn't... Continue Reading →

The Wedding was Short

The wedding was short. Ultimately, the bride, dressed in white playsilks, was unwilling. She repeatedly signed all done while saying "ah duh." The groom was unfazed by her lack of commitment, seemingly self-absorbed in his LEGO constructions. The officiator tried to hurry the process along, in the vein of The Princess Bride, quickly saying "Man... Continue Reading →

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