Georgia Bottoms

Georgia Bottoms is your typical Southern Belle - poised and confidant, a regular church goer, and great at organizing. In fact, she has all of her secret lives¬†methodically hidden away from the others. 9/11 changes that and her carefully juggled details begin to collide with one another. Mark Childress has reached a new level with... Continue Reading →

The Red Pyramid

As fans of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series, my children and I were excited about his newest series, The Kane Chronicles. Where Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Lost Heroes focus on Greek and Roman mythology, The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles, Book 1)¬†addresses many aspects of Egyptian mythology. I, myself, am not as... Continue Reading →

The Witches Lottery

Krystal Mclaughlin's new book The Witches Lottery provides readers of Young Adult fiction with a strong leading female and a story which revolves around the prophecy of a great female witch rather than the typical male. I enjoyed her take on the differing¬†directions of those touched with supernatural abilties and the concept of a dormant... Continue Reading →

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