The Trouble with Being a Horse

The Trouble with Being a Horse

Olivia loves horses, and her job at the local stable allows her to afford the riding lessons that she looks forward to every week. However, when her family’s situation takes a drastic turn and she is forbidden from continuing, she feels alone and misundertsood. On a final ride, she falls. When she awakes, she find that no longer is she a little girl, but she has turned into a horse.

Emily Edwards’ book, The Trouble with Being a Horse, is a feel good book for young readers. Many of us often feel that there have been times in our lives when no one undertsood us, and young readers will enjoy reading about Olivia in fantastical form, as she has these same feelings even after changing into a horse. In the end, reunited with her family, she realizes just how much she is loved and feels better understood by her non-horse loving family.

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by The Cadence Group.

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