Halloween Peg People

As a little gift for my children and to add some decoration, I pulled out some of the peg people I bought for the purpose of painting storybook characters. A little acrylic paint, some polyurethane coating, and I had eight Halloween peg people: werewolf, skeleton, vampire, witch, Frankenstein's monster, scarecrow, mummy, and ghost.

Pumpkin Hunting

Photo by Vanessa DruckmanPumpkin hunting is serious business around here. Fall, with its cooler weather, apples, pumpkins, and changing leaves is our favorite season. October, being the month in which we were married, is our favorite of all times. In our area, most families head to pumpkin patches that resemble mini-pumpkin themed amusement parks more... Continue Reading →

celebrating Halloween with less consumerism…

As with many other holidays, companies have managed to turn Halloween into a consumerist Photo by Yaxzone product. Emphasis is placed on the purchase and distribution of mass amounts of candy, over-priced cheaply made costumes, and non-environmentally friendly packaging.   When we celebrate Halloween by taking our children trick-or-treating, it's easy to fall into this mindset.... Continue Reading →

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