Pumpkin Hunting

Photo by Vanessa Druckman

Pumpkin hunting is serious business around here. Fall, with its cooler weather, apples, pumpkins, and changing leaves is our favorite season. October, being the month in which we were married, is our favorite of all times.

In our area, most families head to pumpkin patches that resemble mini-pumpkin themed amusement parks more so than actual pumpkin patches, with high admission fees, rides and activities, and expensive cut pumpkins stacked neatly next to the gift shop.
That’s not really our style though, and each year we head to a family owned pumpkin patch whose closest thing to an amusement park is a big pile of hay for the kids to jump in. We head out into the fields, in search of the pumpkins which speak to us. Each year we come away with a trunk full of pumpkins for carving and baking for under $20. Most importantly, we leave with the memories of our pumpkin hunting tradition.

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