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I am not a fan of nasal aspirators. My children have always hated them, but something has to be done when your little nursling is all stuffed up. We’ve always tried to be as gentle as possible, use saline solution (I recommend Little Noses due to the small kid size tip), and talk through the process. The experience still isn’t generally pleasant. A friend recommended the nosefrida. I finally got one and put it away for the new baby. I hadn’t really taken it out of its convenient case, but assuredly it would be better than a regular nasal aspirator.

I had the first opportunity to use it this week. My children had a cold. They eyed the nosefrida at first, but my five year old took the challenge. She isn’t very proficient at blowing her nose yet and wanted to be able to breathe freely. We tried it and she giggled. Then she told me there was more nose gunk in her nose and that we should do it again. I was delighted with the ease of use. It as much easier and effective that a regular nasal aspirator. Empowered while watching his sister, my 2 1/2 year old stepped up.

Out of all of my children, my younger son has hated the nasal aspirator the most. Even in his sleep, he would turn away from it. His reaction to the nosefrida was one of pleasant surprise. In fact, he continued to ask me to use it any time he needed it. 

The construction is simple and easy to take apart to clean. You can easily control the amount of suction. The nosefrida doesn’t go inside the child’s nose, so there is no possibility of damaging the mucous membranes. It is latex and BPA free. The only concern I have is that when suctioning, you are essentially pulling in air from the child’s nose, possibly increasing your exposure to viruses. However, realistically, when taking care of a young child, you will already have had exposure to any virus.

I’m glad to have a better alternative for our next baby and wish we had had one for our first. I would definitely recommend these to anyone with an infant or young child.

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  1. The Nose Frida is a definite improvement over the aspirators. Along the same lines is Baby Comfy Nose — which I found to work even better, given the way it’s shaped, than the Nose Frida. (I’ve got both.) It’s described here:

    I have no connection to this company – I just really find their product useful, although I try to do as much as I can with just saline. My 20-month-old tolerates the Baby Comfy Nose and even has seemed to request it a few times.

    1. Thank you for sharing! I do like the design of the Baby Comfy Nose better. I can’t justify the added expense when I just recently purchased a Nose Frida, but I will definitely pass on the information!

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