filling up with love…

Sometimes, when I am out of sorts with one of my children and we aren’t connecting very well, I gather the child up in my arms and onto my lap. I might say in a funny voice, “I think you need filled up with love.” Sometimes they argue a bit. Othertimes they just feel relief. However, every single time, we both end up feeling much better.

I start with their toes, gently pinching (for lack of a better word) each one as I make a kissing sound. I work my way up their feet and legs to their belly, making certain I don’t forget their belly buttons. Then I move to fingers and work my way up their hands and arms. I slowly fill up their necks and heads, ending with a kiss on their nose. And then I usually hear, in the midst of glorious giggling, “I’m empty again!” And we repeat the process. The hug and kiss I usually get when we are finished is a nice reminder of what is important in life.

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