nursing haikus…

Welcome to the March Carnival of Breastfeeding!  This month’s theme is ‘the joys of breastfeeding.’  You’ll find links to other bloggers’ contributions at the bottom of this one.


nursing little one

skin so soft beneath my lips

a scent so unique


busy wiggle worm

multi-tasking even now

nursing while you sleep


taking time for me

reading a book while you nurse

snuggled in my arms


we sleep much better

with you snuggled to my breast

meeting all our needs


toddler energy

taking a break when you nurse

fueled by my breastmilk


learning about me

as I take care of your needs

as long as you want


so much love for you

nursing until you are through

at whatever age


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  1. These are beautiful! I especially love the “fueled by my breastmilk” part. 😀

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