kuhn rikon can opener…

Our first can opener was one my mother gave me when I headed off to college. It was old and had olive green on the handles. It wasn’t pretty but it worked. We received an electric can opener as a wedding gift. I believe my husband used it a few times and then it sat there until we donated it. My opinion of electric can openers is not very high.

A couple of years ago, my husband bought me a nice blue Kitchen-Aid can opener. It was nice to look at. It worked….for a time. Then the blade kept coming unscrewed and it drove me batty, until the day the screw disappeared and it was no longer functional. I found myself without a can opener, as we had donated the old one…the one that worked.

I ended up picking up a different can opener at Target. It worked at first, if you held it just so, but it was a pain to deal with. My husband, standing on the fact that Kitchen-Aid is a company with good quality products, claimed that our previous experience was due to user error (he hadn’t used the faulty can opener) or a flaw in a specific item. He purchased another Kitchen-Aid can opener. Having had enough frustratin the previous time, I let him handle all of our can opening needs. This time, the screw started coming out much sooner and he quickly understood why I didn’t like it.

We went without a can opener for a few months. We don’t go through a lot of canned goods, as a general rule, preferring fresh vegetables when possible. Then we came across the Kuhn Rikon can opener. It had great reviews, and I had a gift to return to William-Sonoma. At first, I was reluctant to use it. The design varies quite a bit from your typical American can opener.

Now, I wouldn’t want any other can opener. It’s easy to use. My children can open cans with it without it slipping or taking any strength to hold in place. The can edges are left with a dull edge, so I don’t have to worry about my children touching sharp edges or someone getting cut in the recycling. Plus, the simple modern design is aesthetically pleasing.

Can Opener

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