mother and child…

When I was dealing with the struggles of getting my daughter to nurse, I told myself that someday, when we were happily nursing away without issues any longer, I would celebrate by purchasing something special. I wasn’t certain what exactly would commemorate such a special occasion until the day I saw Gustav Klimt’s print, Mother and Child. The print spoke to me and felt so right. While it isn’t specifically a nursing print, it reminds me of the contentment felt by mother and child after nursing. The little girl in the print even reminded me of my daughter at that age. We have this framed and hanging in our home. Everyone who sees it feels a need to comment on what a lovely print it is.

Mother and Child (detail from The Three Ages of Woman), c.1905 Art Print

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  1. AAAHHH! This just happens to be my favorite painting in the world and I feel the same way about it. Klimt captured the perfect expressions on their faces, that speak volumes of the intimacy and perfect comfort of mommy and child. I just happened to get a poster of this for my birthday last month from my sister. I’m expecting this next month and she knew I would love to have it in my bedroom when our new baby comes into the world.

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