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If you have children and a bath tub, you probably have tub toys. We’ve gone through several tub toys the years. Stacking cups with different holes in the bottoms and measuring cups have been some of our favorites. However, regardless of what our current tub toys are, storage always seems to be an issue. Commercial products for this purpose haven’t really met our needs. Nets with suction cups tend to come off the tub wall and are difficult for small kids to get toys in. More expensive solutions have mixed reviews and haven’t been anything I have wanted to invest in.

We did have a need for tub toy storage. Leaving the toys in the bottom of the bath tub drove me nuts. Anytime I wanted to clean the tub or actually get in the bath, I had to first move all of the toys out. I needed an easy solution for the kids to pick up toys that would still drain so that we didn’t have a nasty mess of stagnant water.

When we only had one child, I had purchased some toy buckets that we used to store on shelves. I bought them at Target for about $2 each. They came in different bright colors and were easy for our son to take toys in and out. Since having more children, we’ve have gone to a different method of toy storage. The buckets were out in the garage, as they still get played with outside.

Looking at one of the buckets, I thought it would be perfect for tub toys. I chose a nice light green one, which would coordinate with the light blue and green in the kids’ bathroom. The I set to work adapting it for the bath tub, Using my trusty drill, I made some drainage holes in the bottom of the bucket and we were set. It’s easy for the kids to put toys away, which means it actually gets done. The water drains out of the bucket into the tub and down the drain. When I need to clean the bath tub or want to take a bath for a few minute sto myself, I simple lift the bucket out and replace it when I am finished.

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