getting a pool…

One night in early March, as we were chatting in bed with our children snuggled up sleeping around us, my husband turned to me and asked, “So, when do you think we can get a pool?” I have to admit this took me by surprise. We had been discussing moving to a bigger home sometime in the next year, but not once had we mentioned getting a pool. It seemed like a lot of upkeep and I was concerned about safety issues.

I replied, “I don’t know. The kids are still pretty young. I don’t know that we really want to mess with a swimming pool any time soon.” There was a silent pause as I waited for his next comment.

“A birth pool?” he asked. I realized my mistake at once and laughed. We have had a pool available for all of our births. With our first two children, I opted not to have a water birth. At the time, it just didn’t feel right. However, with our last child, the pool seemed just right, and we had plans to order a new one for our upcoming birth.

We placed the order at the end of March. We ended up ordering the ocean reef pool from Your Water Birth. We also ended up ordering a liner this time so that the kids can use the pool to play in this Summer. I have to say that our order was here within a week. Nothing says you are about to have a baby quite like a pool in your living room.

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