let your children own their problems…

No one has all of the answers or solutions to all of the problems in the world. In order to deal with our problems, we have the necessary skills in order to solve them. Children develop problem solving skills by practicing problem solving skills, not by having someone else solve the problems for them. When parents allow children to own their own problems, not only do they allow their children to develop these skills, they can better help their children while not burdening themselves with problems that are not their own. Acting as a facilitator is easier when you are outside the problem looking in.

2 thoughts on “let your children own their problems…

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  1. This is one thing I’ve been making a conscious effort to do the last several months. I used to rush right in to fix things for Kieran; now I let him try to work things out before offering suggestions or physical help. I feel like it’s already made a difference, now if I could just help him not get so frustrated when he can’t do something *right now*. . .

  2. Very good post> So many think they are preparing their children for the ‘real world’ by taking all their problems away, but in fact they are doing them a huge disfavor.

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