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Reusable grocery bags are popular these days. You can find cheap ones at the grocery store for $1, although from what I’ve heard, they don’t hold up very well. I made a set of canvas bags many years ago. They lasted us well, but they weren’t as convenient as they could have been. A few years ago, we switched to Chico Bags. They may seem pricey on the website, but with a coop and bulk ordering, a group can get a really great price for these bags. Our local grocery stores give a reusable bag discount. Taking that into consideration, the bags end up paying for themselves.

 They do fold up into a nice little pouch, but I tend to stuff them all in side of one bag. The next time we head out to the van, I hadn them to the kids, who stuff them under the back seat. The next time we do some shopping, one of the kids grabs them out. The best is that I don’t have to store plastic bags in my garage until the next time I head out to find some place to recycle them. Chico Bag has really expanded their selection over the years. Now not only can you buy the bags in a multitude of colors, but they offer different styles, too. I recently ordered a couple of the Sling rePetes in a coop to use during farmers’ market season. I thought that slinging a bag would be easier while wearing a baby and toddler and keeping track of two older kids.

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