reusable “to go” cups…

In my search for a large lidded cup with a straw to help keep up with my hydration needs, my husband stumbled across Copco’s Eco-First reusable to go cups. Styled after conventional to go cups, the Eco-First cups are BPA free, dishwasher safe, have a quarter turn sealing mechanism, and a textured non-slip grip.

Eco-First - Acadia Mug Brown

My husband has been using his to take coffee to work. The insulated hot drink version fits perfectly in his hand or the drink cup holder in his vehicle. At its 16 oz. capacity, it holds enough coffee to get him going in the morning. 

 Eco-First – Sierra Tumbler Brown


The cold drink version holds a special place in my heart. Growing up, eating out happened rarely. There is something oddly exciting and special to me to have a drink cup in my hand. At 24 oz., it’s a nice size for holding but not quite as big as I was hoping for. I’m having to refill it more than I would like. However, I have to give props to the screw on lids, as many of us with children can appreciate. The fact that the straw cannot be accidentally pulled out, even in the event that a toddler holds on to the straw and swings it in wild circles while singing about the rain, gives me a tiny smile inside.

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