treating sunburns…

Shortly after we moved here, my husband and his brother signed up to spend a day working on a Habitat for Humanity house. The plan was for them to spend the day working on the house and then to head over to our house, where my brother-in-law’s wife would also come after getting off work, to grill dinner.

When my husband and his brother walked in the door, they were both beet red and in severe pain. One would think that two grown men who have a lifetime history of burning would remember to put on sunscreen; they hadn’t. They showered, and my husband had me liberally apply lavender oil neat over the burned portion of his skin. My brother-in-law turned his nose up at the smell. He decided to wait until his wife could arrive with some commercial aloe vera treatment.

The next day, while still red, my husband was pain free. The red color subsided over the next week. My brother-in-law was still in severe pain a week later. Since that time, my husband has insisted on lavender oil anytime he gets burned.

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