gussie burgers…

We bought a cow – or at least half of one. Growing up on a farm, we raised most of our food. I remember eating Benji burgers from a beloved steer. My husband used to cringe upon hearing that. However, this Spring, after finally purchasing a deep freezer, we took the plunge and bought a side of beef.

It was a new experience for me: talking to the farmer and processing plant, deciding what cuts we wanted. As my husband said, “There is something about buying a cow that makes you feel grown up.” And so, our freezer is now stocked with home grown, antibiotic and hormone free, Black Angus beef. The taste is amazing. I’ve often heard about the fabulous steaks at Ruth’s Chris. The steaks we had on father’s day had to have rivaled those. They were amazing – said by a former vegetarian. My husband can now also joke about Gussie burgers.

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