finding fault…

It’s easy to find fault in others if you are looking for it, regardless of whether or not it exists.

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  1. How timely! I struggled with this all day yesterday. I kept finding fault in the adults I was with, for one thing or another. And I kept trying to remind myself that I was the one finding fault, the other people weren’t trying to “misbehave”. It is something that is difficult for me because I come from a very competitive family where everyone is always trying to “win”, look better, be smarter, be wittier, be better employed, etc. And in order to “win” we have to help others to “lose”, or find fault with them and tear them down. It is a very hard cycle to break, and one that I find myself still working towards. I actually found myself thinking of you and your wonderful kids last night, as I was preparing for bed, and that you do not find faults, you simply let those around you exist and build them up. I was thinking of how I wanted to be more like that, and be able to help my family to grow, instead of pointing out how they were failing.

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