classico sauce…

I don’t make our own pizza and spaghetti sauce. Some day I may, but I have no plans to do so at this time. Instead, I buy Classico sauce from Costco. I love Classico sauce. First, it comes in lovely jars. They are square in shape and are actual Atlas Mason canning jars. The jars can be used in canning, which I hope to utilize some day. For now, they sit nicely next to one another in the pantry or the fridge, holding all sorts of concoctions. The shape just makes me happy, which is something worthwhile on its own.

The sauces are economical. You can often find the smaller sizes (pesto anyone?) on sale. When purchasing a 3 pack of the 32 oz. size at Costco, it’s less expensive than most other sauces. While some of the sauces have other ingredients added, such as HFCS, the flavor sold at Costco does not.

Most importantly, everyone in our family can agree on Classico’s sauce. With varying tastes, finding a universal sauce that we use on so many things (often with a few tweaks), is definitely worth purchasing.

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