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I’m currently in the research stage of my upcoming life changes regarding allergies and intolerances. Research is my default. I like to have as much information as possible in order to make informed decisions. I asked our chiropractor if she knew of any good books on allergies. She replied that she had heard good things about Dr. Christina Scott-Moncrieff’s book, Overcoming Allergies. I immediately looked the book up on Amazon and proceeded to request a copy through our local library.

Overcoming Allergies: Home Remedies * Elimination and Rotation Diets * Complementary Therapies

Overall, I think the book is a wonderful introduction to environmental and food allergies, as well as food intolerances. It addresses the definition of an allergy and various types of allergy symptoms along with the difference between true food allergies and food intolerances. Connections are made between various allergen families. Elimination and rotation diets are explained and examples of rotation diets are given. It’s a good book for friends or extended family members of individuals with allergies and intolerances. For those families with allergies and intolerances, the book is a good introduction to the topic without being overwhelming.

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  1. Hi! we have been dealing with severe allergies in my family and if you want to add another possible route to healing allergies to your list, a friend was suggesting the ‘gaps’ diet to heal the gut. Here is the link: http://gapsdiet.com/ Also, I just finished massaging the lymph nodes of my friend that was very swollen from allergies … that can be a very helpful option.

    I just ran across your site and when I saw your post on allergies I thought I would pass on the little info that was just passed to me.

  2. oh my…it really can be overwhelming too! Our son had terrible eczema caused from allergies and intolerances and we had such a hard time trying to do any elimination diets. It seemed like everything made his skin break out. There was not even any doctor who wanted to try and understand his condition and all they could offer were potent meds. It was awful to see our little boy miserably itching and unable to eat much. Thankfully though, his probiotic has been our answer. Even though he does still have actual allergies, his eczema has been helped dramatically and his intolerances are so much better now and he can eat so many more foods! I would love to read this book as I have tried hard to educate myself on all of this!

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