snowflake ornaments…

Our local attachment parenting group is having a holiday ornament swap. There are four groups of ten, of which I’m participating in all. I enjoy designing and making things, and swaps are a great way for me to get some of that out of my system. I added to my creative challenge by deciding not to buy anything new for these ornaments. All are made with items I already had or could get for free.

I’ll be posting one ornament each Monday in October. This first ornament is simple and sweet – a salt dough snowflake tied with some white ribbon. Ingredients for salt dough can be found in most household pantries. The snowflake cookie cutter I used is one of those nice chunky Wilton cookie cutters. They are a great size for salt dough ornaments. A straw made making holes in the unbaked ornaments fast and easy. The ribbon is actually left over from my wedding – twelve years ago. Apparently, I don’t declutter everything.

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