Indiana Jones…

My son wanted to be Indiana Jones for Halloween. He already had tan cargo pants and a shirt he could wear, along with his explorer’s bag that I had made for him a few years ago. He needed a leather jacket and fedora to make the look complete.

We looked to see what was available commercially and found only over-priced, cheaply made sets. I couldn’t bring myself to pay that much for something that didn’t look like it would even last through trick-or-treating.

Instead, we looked around at patterns and picked up a pattern for a biker jacket on sale. With a few modifications and some half-priced pleather, the jacket came out rather well. The hat was a little trickier. We couldn’t find any pattern to begin with, so I had to make the pattern from scratch. I was remembering what Indiana Jones’s hat looked like, so it isn’t quite right, but he is happy enough. His costume cost much less and will survive through dress up and play for a long time.

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