a full van…

With the birth of our fourth child last April, our van began to feel wonderfully full. We can’t squeeze another carseat into our van.

Our older two kids are in Britax Regents in the backseat and our younger two are rear-facing in Evenflo Triumph Advances in the captain’s chairs. Yes, that’s right. Our eight and six year olds are in carseats, and our three year old is still rear-facing. I am so thankful that careseat technology and knowledge has improved so much since I was a kid.

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  1. No doubt! I was just thinking about this same topic… with just two we can *barely* fit into a ford focus. fit meaning that we can uncomfortably seat another small person in the back seat and a short person in the front. Absolutely no way we can have a third kid and have this car and it’s because of how long kids have to be in car seats!

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