eight gifts of kindness…

Photo by Tali Le Bamba

  The Gift of Listening…

Listen. Really listen. Don’t multi-task, daydream, or do anything else. If you are physically with the person, look them in the eye. Practice active listening.

The Gift of Affection…

Act in ways that communicate how you feel about someone. Give hugs, kisses, pats in the back. Shake someone’s hand or let someone know you have been thinking about them.

The Gift of Laughter…

Share a laugh with someone. Make a funny face, do something silly, share a funny story, or share the latest joke your child told you.

The Gifts of a Written Note…

Write a note to someone and hand it to them or mail it. Skip the e-mail or texting. Hand-written notes are still in vogue.

The Gift of a Compliment…

Give someone a simple, sincere compliment. It doesn’t even matter if you know the person or not.

The Gift of a Favor…

Make a point of doing something to help out another person.

The Gift of Solitude…

Be sensitive of others and give them some downtime.

The Gift of a Cheerful Disposition…

Brighten someone’s day with simple gestures. A smile or “thank you” goes a long way. You may change the way someone’s day is going.

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  1. I think most people could really improve on these points! How many times are you (the general you) in public and see someone wearing a beautiful dress… but you hesitate to say anything because you don’t know the person? The reaction from a stranger when you give them a heartfelt compliment can be amazing!

    Just one example, but thank you for the reminder on all eight of these!

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