Waldorf merfolk…

My children have several dolls, all of which have been made by me. I hadn’t planned on making more dolls for the holidays, but I was inspired by the tumbleberry dolls.  The fun, funky hair was more than I could resist. Considering that I had almost all of the supplies to make the dolls, I set about the task. The original plan was to make various Greek gods. However, as with all great plans, it evolved. My older daughter really wanted a mermaid. Once my younger son saw the removeable mermaid tail, he was immediately upset that he hadn’t chosen that. Before long, all four dolls had removeable mermaid tails. We’ll see if I find time to make the removeable fairy wings for them.

 I made the hair for the boys first. I went a little crazy sewing it down, and I’m not pleased with the results. Can I claim that I was going for an 80s rock band style? Regardless, my sons seems pleased. I will probably work on them a bit more, though. The longer hair was much easier, and I’m rather pleased. I have to thank some sweet friends for sharing their yarn stashes. I only needed to buy the main yarns and was able to use scraps from my own stash and others to make the depth of color.

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  1. They look wonderfully punky! I love the way they turned out, and I wouldn’t change the hair a bit 🙂

    How do you form the nose on these dolls?

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