Helping children make gifts

We’ve been helping our children make gifts for their siblings this year, and I have to admit that I am extremely pleased with the results – not necessarily the physical results of their hard work, which admittedly are lovely, but the results of the experience.

The first step for each was to come up with a gift idea they could make. I admit that there was quite a bit of parental involvement in this. Children often have grand ideas full of thoughtfulness which aren’t necessarily attainable by their inexperienced little hands. I helped my children to narrow down their ideas to age- and skill-appropriate ones. However, the process was wrought with creative thinking and a focus on others.

Photo by mmloek

Once we had the idea, we made special trips to gather the supplies we would need. It was special time with a parent (and nursing baby sister in tow). The actual process of making the gift also gave opportunity for one on one time between parent and child.

The end result for each child was a thoughtful gift for their siblings, an emphasis on giving, an exercise in creative thinking and planning, and quality time with a parent. The joy on their faces has told me that we definitely hit the mark this year.

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