My six year old decided to make pillowcases for her siblings this year. The project began with a one hour trip to JoAnn’s. She put a lot of thought into picking out the fabrics she used.

At home, I helped her make a pattern and we began working on them. When I first learned to sew at around the same age, my mother handed me supplies and had me go at it, with minimal supervision. I had anticipated a similar approach with my daughter, but she had other plans. I helped where needed and had her do as much of the work as she could. However, when it came time to sew, she ended up sitting on my lap, my hands helping hers to guide the fabric and my foot running the speed.

She began with a trial pillowcase for herself:

Moved on to pillowcases for her younger brother and sister:

And ended with the pillowcase which had taken the longest to find fabric for:

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