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Traditions are important. They give us something to look forward to. They connect the generations,  weaving together the old and the new with the excitement and joy of the event. They make up our past and evolve into our future.

When thinking of traditions, many people focus on the big events such as birthdays or holidays or perhaps even family vacations. Granted, those are all very important events, those whose numbers on the calendar are bolded. However, often it’s the traditions without the fanfare that we remember and which bring us together.

We find ourselves looking forward to everyday traditions that we may not even recognize as such. It’s the little things in life that often make the largest impacts: going for a walk together after dinner, singing little phrases from books, having special words for things that your children made up when they were little, snuggling on the couch to read, or sleeping in on Saturdays and making a special brunch.

The big traditions may weave the years together, but it’s the everyday traditions that weave the days and our lives together.


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22 thoughts on “Everyday Traditions

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful reminder that everyday traditions are the substance of life. We do get caught up so much in Big Events sometimes that we lose track of how much more of life is about Small Events.

  2. What a beautiful thought. One of my favorite everyday traditions at our house is turning out to be Kieran’s bedtime ritual of a “nibble, tickle, brush, floss, paste, potty, books, bed.” He knows those words (in order) by heart, and he giggles every time we say them.

  3. I do love spending time with my family each day, having dinner together and then tucking each child in. We’ve recently started being able to do each of the three of them separately (it used to be a big jumbled mess while MrH did the big kids and I the baby), and I’m really treasuring the ability to tuck my bigger two in again. Evening is such a special time together.

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